Cidida x Eibol x Ludwig Van Clothing


Recently, we shot for one of our favorite brands out right now- Ludwig Van.  I think you’ll find it makes perfect sense, Everything Else Is Noise!

Photos by: Lindsey Mak


Don’t Sleep On The World!

Chainsaws & Jelly Hears Ludwig

One of my favorite blogs gave us a cool shot out!
Check out what they had to say by clicking on the link above.  Make sure you thumb
around the blog, there is a lot of cool content!

Cidida x Eibol

Mixstream Hear Ludwig




 has joined the journey with us and has decided to host Ludwig, Can You Hear Me? on the site.  Drop by to stream & download the album for free and check out what they have going on!

Cidida x Eibol

URB Hears Ludwig


Recently, we sat down with Urb Magazine for an interview / review for
Ludwig, Can You Hear Me? Check out what they had to say HERE!

Cidida x Eibol

The Needle Drop Hears Ludwig

Big fans of this site!  Excited to say The Needle Drop has gotten a hold of Ludwig, Can You Hear Me
and dropped a review on us, we couldn’t be more pleased. Check it out HERE.

Cidida x Eibol

OhGlobe Hears Ludwig

Screen shot 2012 04 11 at 4 07 05 AM

Landed another positive review over at OHGLOBE.NET.
Happy to see everyone is enjoying the project!
Check out what they had to say about Ludwig, Can You Hear Me HERE!

Cidida x Eibol

Mishka Hears Ludwig

The good peoples over at MISHKA NYC have showed us some love!
Check what they had to say about Ludwig, Can You Hear Me? HERE.  Then drop
by their web-store and cop some gear!

Cidida x Eibol


Video not available

The Fam over at Belief Skate Shop in Queens have put together Belief TV, a collection of short
episodes based around entrepreneurial, lifestyle and aesthetic features.
Enjoy the trailer!  Oh, and check for Eibol’s quick appearance around 56 seconds!

Filmed & edited by: Aaron Katter & Gary Blake

Cidida x Eibol